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Get Ready to Pitch

A 10-Week Novel Revision Intensive

Congrats! You’ve written a book! But is it any good?

If you’re an aspiring author, you already know that writing a book is hard! But once you have a finished draft, how do you know if it’ll even captivate readers? Well, maybe your partner or family has told you they loved it. Maybe your writing group has given it their stamp of approval. Maybe a literary agent at a writer’s conference even liked your premise. But how do you know whether an agent or editor, or even the average reader, would actually enjoy it enough to invest serious time and energy into it? 

The truth is, the number one mistake aspiring authors make is seeking publication before their book is really ready. In fact, most unpolished manuscripts suffer from the same handful of mistakes that get the writer automatically rejected. Is your book suffering from them too?

In this 10-week online small group class, we are going to take a hard look at what makes manuscripts stand out in an agent's slush pile, versus why some manuscripts are endlessly rejected. The goal of this course is to give you a solid roadmap that will help guide you on a major revision of your novel so that you don't languish in the query trenches forever.

In Get Ready to Pitch you will learn the following:

  • ​How to give your novel an honest self-assessment

  • My top 10 manuscript must-haves

  • How to find, hone, and highlight the beating heart of your novel

  • The top mistakes most querying writers make and how to fix them

  • The best tips and tricks to write a killer query letter

  • How to craft a revision plan that will help elevate the quality of your manuscript

  • Simple but game-changing tweaks that will improve your writing on a line level

You'll also receive the following:

  • My favorite craft resources and custom guidebooks

  • Access to a private Discord community, where I will host weekly ask-anything office hours

  • Personalized feedback on your first 10 pages and query letter (a $200 value)

Who this course is for:

Don't have a full manuscript yet that you want to revise? Or aren't sure whether you're ready to pitch? That's okay! We will cover so many important story basics that writers of all levels will benefit from learning (or relearning!). Whether you're a new writer just beginning your first novel, or a veteran who's been stuck in the slush pile and can't figure out why, I can help.

As the bulk of my experience is in writing for young readers, people writing MG and YA fiction will likely benefit most from this course. But... any fiction writers who are hoping to dramatically improve the quality of their storytelling craft will find something of value in this course. 

How it Works​​

We will meet once a week, live on Zoom (with recordings available if you can't make the live meeting).

The course will run from Tuesday, January 10th through Tuesday, March 28th, with a one-week break Feb 27th - March 3rd.

Open enrollment for a maximum of 10 students.

Your investment:

Since this is my first time offering this course, I'm running an introductory offer of $279.

(Option to pay in-full or in three monthly installments of $93. Contact me directly.)

Contact me directly

I am giving away two spots free to writers from traditionally marginalized backgrounds. Students selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Thanks for submitting!

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A Bit About Me

Karyn Fischer

A children's and YA literary agent since 2018, I love digging into projects I work on to elevate my clients' stories and prose. With more than a decade of experience in the book industry, including publishing internships, work as indie bookseller and book buyer, assisting agents at BookStop Literary Agency, and an MFA in creative writing from Lesley University, I have a multi-faceted view of how books make it into readers' hands, and how I can help. My book coaching and editing journey began in 2021 with training from Author Accelerator's Book Coaching Certification program and a desire to help writers craft better books.

As an agent, I have sold books to major publishers, such as Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Holiday House, and have a clear idea of what makes stories work, and how to elevate an author's writing. 

By offering industry knowledge, tough love and honesty, and true passion, I help fiction writers hone their craft and write great novels, guiding them through the writing process, from their vision to "the end."

When I'm not coaching, editing, or agenting, you can usually find me spending time with my family and dogs, drinking tea, reading, or exploring the outdoors--sometimes all at the same time.

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