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Writing is hard

Do you have a story idea but you aren't sure how to put it on paper? Do you have a draft but don't know how to take it from good to great? Are you slogging through endless rejections from agents or editors and don't understand what's wrong? Or are you suffering from self-doubt and find the whole writing process overwhelming? You aren't alone. I can help.

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Book Coaching

I'd like to work one-on-one with an industry professional who can hold me accountable and guide me through a draft or revision.

Editorial Services

I've finished a draft or feel ready to submit to agents and editors, but I need a keen eye to help me make sure it's in the best shape possible.

Online Courses

More information coming soon.

About Me

Get to know Karyn Fischer
Story & Prose Book Coaching and Editorial Services

A children's and YA literary agent since 2018, I love digging into projects I work on to elevate my clients' stories and prose. With more than a decade of experience in the book industry, including publishing internships, work as indie bookseller and book buyer, more than eight years at BookStop Literary Agency, and an MFA in creative writing, I have a multi-faceted view of how books make it into readers' hands, and how I can help.


By offering industry knowledge, tough love and honesty, and true passion, I help fiction writers hone their craft and write great novels, guiding them through the writing process, from their vision to "the end."

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Real Writers Share Their Experience

Karyn is everything I’ve ever wanted in a book coach: knowledgeable, thoughtful, encouraging, and completely invested in the story I want to write. Not only does she see the value in my work, she skillfully guides me through the outlining and brainstorming process to find the heart of the story, the why it matters part. Before working with Karyn, my rough draft was unfocused and I felt very overwhelmed heading into revisions. Now, after working with Karyn to create a focused outline, I am so excited to dive into rewriting because the outline Karyn and I created is a solid blueprint for where my characters are going and why their journeys matter to not just me as the author but to my audience. I would recommend working with Karyn Fischer to every writer I know!

Sarah Rowlands, YA writer

Working with Karyn has breathed fresh life into my manuscript! She has a sharp eye for finding -- and nurturing -- the "heart" of the story. Her feedback is always thoughtful and encouraging with suggestions that inspire rather than "crush". Though strengenthing a single project may be the inital goal, Karyn strives to help her clients develop into more skilled and confident writers!

Meg Gauck, YA fantasy writer

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